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Gorgeous Hair At Gorokan



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This is an awesome all round leave in moisturiser. It has thermal protection to help prevent against heat styling, it adds moisture and UV protection to your hair. This is a must if you want long hair, love summer or a frequent gym lover.

If you want long hair this will help prevent damage and smooth the hair cuticle preventing split ends from travelling up the hair shaft. This means less trims or a smaller amount each haircut so you get the length your after without any of the fuzzy, yucky frizzy thin bits.

If you love summer and want to spend your days chillin' at the beach, pop some of this through the mid lengths and ends first. It will stop the UV rays drying out your hair and as your hair is a sponge having already soaked up the product it will absorb less salt water and be easier to manage after your swim.

If you love the gym and finish your workout with a sweaty ponytail and want to stop on the way home for groceries without the need to shampoo and blow dry your hair. Putting through some of this wont remove the oil but it will give you a fresh smooth ponytail that smells beautiful and prevents that itchy scalp that can come from the oil and sweat. All while giving your hair a little treatment till you can shampoo it.

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