Our Team

Thanks for taking the time to meet our talented team of hairdressers. 
Each stylist has there own instagram page so that you can view an album of their work.
We do ask though that you if you want to send us a dm that you send enquiries to our main instagram page @gorgeoushairgorokan , @gorgeoushairbudgewoi or our facebook page so that our beautiful team members can relax when its their day off. 
It also means we can respond to messages promptly for you, thank you.

Danielle Salon Owner

Danielle Drake

Salon Director  & Master Stylist

Instagram - @danigorgeoushair

Appointments available

Thursdays @ Gorokan


 Sammi Team Leader

Sammi - Master Hair Stylist

Instagram - @sammigorgeoushair

Appointments Available @ Gorokan

 Crystal Master Hair Stylist

Crystal - Master HairStylist

Instagram - @crystalgorgeoushair

Appointments Available @ Gorokan

Ebony senior hairstylist 


Ebony - Senior Hair Stylist

Instagram - @ebonygorgeoushair

Appointments Available

@ Budgewoi & @ Gorokan

 Bri Master Hair Stylist

Bri - Master Hair Stylist

Instagram - @brigorgeoushair

Appointments Available

@ Budgewoi 


Emerging Hair Stylist

Claire - Emerging Hair Stylist

Instagram - @clairegorgeoushair

Appointments Available

@ Budgewoi & @ Gorokan

Senior Hair Stylist Brigette

Brigette - Senior Hair Stylist

Instagram - @brigettegorgeoushair

Appointments Available

@ Budgewoi & @ Gorokan

Emerging Hair Stylist

Jasmine - Emerging Hair Stylist

Instagram - @jasminegorgeoushair

Limited Appointments Available

 @ Gorokan