$30 Deposit For Appointments

 When you book an appointment at our salon we reserve that time just for you. If you cancel at the last minute or don't show up to the appointment we have often turned away other customers, that would have loved to have had that space.

 At the time of booking any Colour, Chemical, Keratin or Extension appointment you will be asked for a $30 deposit. This money is held against your appointment. On the day of the service it can be taken off the total, or many of our clients rebook and it is moved to a credit on the new future appointment. 

If you book multiple appointments, say your next 2 colours only 1 amount of $30 needs to be paid after the 1st appointment it is moved to the 2nd appointment. If however you don't show up to the 1st appointment, we will charge you a $30 cancellation fee and any other appointments in your name will be cancelled. We will of course try to contact you, to find out why you were unable to make your appointment and if you would like to pay another $30 deposit to keep any other appointments.

If you need to move your appointment you absolutely can, if you call us by close of business the day before your appointment we will move your appointment and the $30 deposit will be transferred with the appointment. The more notice however the better. But please note any on the day cancellations or no shows will incur a $30 cancellation fee. If you are more than 30minutes late to an appointment we will consider that appointment cancelled. 

If you are making an appointment in store the $30 can also be paid via cash or EFTPOS. Online bookings we can contact you to pay over the phone or send a secure link via sms. 

We have had to implement this policy as our salon cannot sustain the amount of people who book large services where we reserve 3-4 hours for their appointment simply for them to be un-contactable or not show up. The $30 does not go far in covering the cost of this time but it does help a little.

Thankyou for your understanding.