Mens Haircut & Style
Above Photo: Haircut by Danielle - Salon Director 
(Reluctant Model, Salon Handyman, Central Coast Tradie & My Hubby) 
Often I am asked: Do you cut men's hair? And the answer is ... most definitely.
We have lots of guys that frequently visit the salon because we are good at what we do. 
If you are unsure about what style you are after we are happy to sit down show you some hairstyles and have a look at your hair and show you some styles we think will work for you. 
At our salon we have a great value men's colour package that is just $85*. This includes either a hair colour or streaks and a men's style haircut.
*price is based on short hair
(The $85 men's package was done on both guys whose images are on this page before their picture was taken)
If your on a budget ask about our apprentice haircuts. We offer different prices with our newer team members as they learn and there skills develop.
Are you a bit of a last minute guy? download the mySALONapp from the play or google store. Appointments can be booked for the same day. Of course you can always just call 43930030 to book, but so many people love just to open there phone and tap, tap, great an appointment at 3pm - I'll take that. Saves you just calling in and waiting around :)
Once you come in have your haircut, have a laugh with the team, have the hair rinsed after your cut- so you don't have annoying little bits of cut hair falling on your face, and experience the service we offer at the salon- you'll love it.
Look forward to seeing you soon.
Luke Mens Style & Colour
Hair by Danielle Drake - Salon Director