About Our Salon

Gorgeous Hair Salon
The Journey 
On the 23rd March 2023 it was 13 years since I opened the doors to my salon !!
In that time I have had 2 children...
Qualified 5 Appprentices....
Won a business idea's comp with a major Asutalian salon brand
Been a finalist in the local business awards 7 times and a winner twice
Coloured contestents hair for TV shows
and just had a lot of fun, crazy times ....
I have had some great people join me along the journey and then go again to follow love, have babies, travel, have a career change.
I have learnt so much!!!
I feel like in the early days the salon was a lot about me. I was a workaholic (I still enjoy work and struggle a little on holidays but have much more family time). I used to think that my 'edge' was that I was young and fresh and willing to work more hours than anyone. I was comfortable with internet marketing. I say the internet because Facebook was still gaining traction - Facebook business didn't exist yet, and instagram hadn't even launched. I still had a newspaper rep who would come to see me 🤣. About 10 years in, I started to worry God, I am in my 30s now - am I going to lose my 'edge'? but their is something that comes with experience that I don't think you understand till you get there it's like a peace or a calm for the rollercoaster of business instead of a reactiveness.

I remember watching cars 3 with the kids and lightening McQueen finds the value in mentorship as opposed to winning the race himself and I feel that although I am not ready to hang up the scissors or foiling board yet more and more I get excited about watching the team grow and helping them achieve their goals ✌️ I am excited for the years ahead, I never would have wished the past few years of business on anyone ( covid lockdowns) but I have come out with a whole new bunch of skills that can only help us grow.
Bring on the next 10 years! Thank you to our community for supporting us. I almost said thankyou to the central coast but some of our clients travel much further then just the coast so thankyou to everyone who continues to supports us and who helps to make it the amazing community it is 🙏

The Space
Our salon space is a welcoming environment.
We love plants, good coffee, good vibes and smiles. 
We stock Nak australian made haircare products that are part of the clean beauty movement.
We even have this cool little mixing machine just for your colour because we know that by whipping up every little molecule it is going to help prevent allergies and it pre heats it to body temp so it doesnt feel so cold in the application - how cool is that. Our Salon space is filled with lots of the latest developments just like this to give you the best hair experience.
Oh and did we mention our chairs massage :)
The Vision
For my clients: Everyone who sits in our salon chair feels welcome, they not only leave with gorgeous hair but they leave with renewed confidence from the reflection in the mirror - we believe in look good, feel good. We want to spread and inspire self confidence and for you to have a laugh, a coffee and for the whole experience to feel like a catch up with a friend with a good dose of relaxation.
For my team: That their work is a place that energizes them and connects them with amazing like minded people. They are highly skilled yet their passion for making clients feel and look amazing keeps them always eager to learn grow and innovate.We are a salon family and always work as a team by supporting each other. Our stylist are always well paid for their amazing work.