Structure Complex

Structure Complex

Strcuture Complex

What is it??

So in recent years there has been advance to the way we can protect and treat the hair.  This trilogy of product mimics the hairs natural bonds inside the hair shaft. 

Step 1 essentially protects what is already there and lays the foundation of new bonds. Step 2 reconnects broken bonds and connects the foundations in step 1 to form new bonds and step 3 maintains these new bonds at home so they don't break down in the hair.

Now what does all this mean for you??

Well those bonds inside the hair shaft are what hold it all together, break too many and your hair will literally snap off. (Ahhh Scary!!!) This treatment cannot reform 100% of the bonds within the hair so care still needs to be taken, however if you are struggling each morning to style damaged, dry hair this can definitely help you to repair the hair over time.

It can also help prevent the damage in the first place. If you want to lighten your hair, I definitely recommend pairing this treatment with your colour services, unfortunately it doesn't mean you can now go from black to platinum white in one sitting but it does mean that you can lighten your hair with less damage then ever possible before.

I have had soo many people fall in love with the bond enhancer treatment as it not only does its job of maintaining the bonds but contains moisturising benefits for the hair. I have had many clients continue to use this treatment as they love the way it makes there hair feel even when it is used on its own or after the structure complex shampoo and conditioner (which everybody comments to me just how much they love the fragrance- and who doesn't want to smell yummy)

So to sum up they 

- Prevents possible hair breakage

- Strengthen the hair

- The take home treatment is one of our most popular sold products and the shampoo and conditioner in the range is equally as popular 

-The structure complex shampoo, conditioner & treatment make your hair smell amazing & feel smoother .

If you want to know more about these products please ask us on your next appointment.



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