Okay sooo you went darker with your hair colour and you regret it what do you do now???

Okay sooo you went darker with your hair colour and you regret it what do you do now???


Well maybe it’s not that dramatic and you just want a change either way this blog post is all about your options. How do you start the journey back to light hair after being dark??

A little disclaimer here what to do next greatly depends on the condition of your hair, and how much time and or money you want to invest in your hair. There is no one answer but I am going to run you through some options to think about and what outcomes you can expect, from them.

Scenario 1: You have had light hair and you thought you would try a darker hair colour whether in the salon or at home and you want it gone, straight away. In this scenario the colour has not been in your hair long and you have only done it the once. For this we have an awesome colour remover service. Now don’t misunderstand me….. this is not a bleach product and that is the best part. We apply it to your hair and it reverses the colour process and allows the colour to rinse out, exposing what was underneath. Amazing healthy hair no bleach…. but there is always a catch. As this is not a lightning product it will only remove colour you added to your hair, not take you any lighter then what you were previously. The second thing is that removing the colour in this way removes the depth of colour but the colour left behind is almost always warmer then what people were originally. If you love chestnut, Aztec or honey tones you may love it as it is but if not, you may want to opt to have a new colour applied through the hair, once the darkness has been removed to achieve the tone of colour you are after.

Sometimes this is all you need to achieve your desired look. If you want to go even lighter then what you were previously this can be a great place to start before any foil work to get a nice consistent lighter base all over first.  

Scenario 2: You are a medium brown all over and you don’t want blonde but you just want to go a shade or two lighter maybe a light brown. In hairdressing for years we had a saying ‘tint doesn’t lighten tint’ In other words you could only take a hair colour darker by applying more hair colour if you wanted to go lighter it was always a two step process. Remove some of the depth of colour with a lightening product then tone or add a little bit of colour back into the hair to achieve the reflect or tone of colour you were after. Well as the years have gone on this is no longer as true as it once was. It is now possible to lighten the colour one to two shades, while maintaining the same or similar tone of colour in one easy step.

Both our colour remover and lightening hair colour keep your hair in great condition during the lightening process.

Okay so our last scenario 3: Your hair is black, it has been black for years and you want to start to lighten it. We are going to need to use powder lighteners to lighten your hair and it is going to take multiple appointments. “It won’t happen today but it will happen”. We do a lot of colour correction in our salon and take on transformations of colour that other salons shy away from but we don’t have a magic wand. Generally the slower you lighten your hair the healthier it will be. If you are planning on lightening your hair you will need to invest in some good quality hair care products to keep your hairs strength and manageability. I would also recommend when lightening hair that has already been lightened before or hair that is a little fragile that you have some of our structure plex treatment added in. I have blogged previously about structure plex, take a read if you want to know more about it.

Lightening either all over like I have spoken about or partial lightening techniques like balayage or foils to know what is best for you speak to one of our awesome team to get some personalised options for your hair but today in this post I wanted to share that there is also new products and gentle ways to lighten the hair available.



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