Microbead Hair Extensions

Microbead Hair Extensions


Is the hair Remy?
Yes! Of course, all our hair is 100% Remy. 

What is Remy?
Remy means the hair cuticles all go in one direction, from root to tip like the hair on your head. Hair that is not remy means that the hair is going in different directions and the cuticle layer of the hair will matte and interlock within days causing matting issues and would damage you own hair by knotting into it. You definitely only want Remy high grade hair extensions.

Do you stock all colours?

We have a large colour range that we stock in salon, so generally there is no need to wait to order in extensions. Although we do often tone the hair to your exact shade just so we have a seamless match.

Can you colour hair extensions?

Hair extensions can be coloured professionally, or gently toned with a professional toning shampoo at home (careful though blonde hair extensions can 'grab' a little easier.) Hair extensions can be darkened in colour but not lightened. This is the case for all hair extensions due to the process they go though before being sold. Generally if the colour change is quiet large it is better to buy new extensions rather then colour them as the tip  part of the extension does not change in colour.

Do you charge for a consultation?

No, you can book in for a free 15minute consultation we will show you the hair extension , answer any questions you might have and give you a quote for the service.

Call us on 0483881655 to book your free consult.

How are the hair extensions applied?

Each extension has a keratin tip that is inserted into a little microbead with some of your hair. The bead is then clamped closed. It means no heat, no glue, no damage to your own hair. They can then easily go up into a ponytail and the weight is evenly spread throughout your head. They are comfortable and versatile.

Care instructionsCare instructions

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