Keratin Smoothing Vs Permanent Straightening

The Big Difference :

- Permanent Straightening is based on similar technology to a perm only it is designed to straighten the hair. In the process of permanent straightening we apply a solution that goes into the hair and relaxes the bonds inside the hair shaft, we then straighten the hair and reform the bonds in their new straight shape.

- With Keratin smoothing, Keratin a protein that is found in the hair is bonded to the hair shaft to seal and smooth the hair. This reduces frizz and can reduce curl however it does not straighten the hair.

Which is right for me?

Permanent Straightening makes you hair straight, it is not as flat as hair that has been ironed but it dries as though you had naturally straight hair. It grows out like a permanent colour so in strong curly hair types the roots will come through curly and the ends will stay straight. This means that for maintenance you can just do the regrowth every 10-12 weeks.

If you do not like the idea of the regrowth and are looking more to reduce the time it takes to style your hair more then reducing the curl then Keratin might be for you. Keratin is semi permanent lasting between 4-12 weeks depending on the method used and your lifestyle. It shampoos out of the hair and the hair slowly returns back to its previous texture. This does mean that when it is time to redo the service your whole hair is done again not just the roots. However if you decide not to maintain the keratin there is no demarcation line on the hair where it starts and stops or a line where it is growing out.

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