Covid Safe Hair Salon

COVID SAFE policy update

An update on our Covid policies as we move into the warmer weather.

-As always we ask that if you have been feeling unwell or have any flue like symptoms please reschedule your appointment for at least 14 days or until you feel better.

- This website has a list of all the hot spot areas and places where you need to monitor your symptoms. If you have visited any of these areas you will need to reschedule your appointment for 2 weeks later.

We have a QR barcode on the door that you must scan and declare that you have no flue like symptoms and have not visited any hot spot areas. You will also need to enter your details for the purpose of contact tracing if it is needed.

- We will check your temperature and ask you to sanitise your hands. We will offer you a face mask, it is not mandatory to wear for hair services but they are available if you would like one.

-Our stylist clean each station and basin in between use. We wash our hands and clean and sterilise our equipment. All capes and towels are washed in between each use.

-Our team will wear masks at the basin and during beauty services. If you would like us to remain wearing the mask for the entire service, just ask 

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