Covid 19 & Our Salon

In this interest of doing our part and encouraging people to stay at home during this pandemic, we closed for a month.

Now we are on the road to rebuilding we have decided to reopen again but with much less people in the salon at one time.

Gorgeous Hair At Gorokan is committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of all its customers and the community. Our salon has always followed strict hygiene standards.

Our hygiene practices include:

Washing our hands before each service

Each towel and cape is washed after one use.

Cleaning all equipment and our salon to local and state requirements.

In addition to our standard procedures we have additional policies in place due to covid-19.

These will be reviewed every 2 weeks as social distancing measures are relaxed by the government.

Salon will be by appointment only

Limits on how many people in the salon at one time


We will have masks available for your if you wish to wear one; however we have been advised by NSW state heath that this is not necessary.


We will not allow you to attend your appointment if you appear unwell.

The EFTPOS machine will be disinfected between each use.

The chair, bench, entire area where you are seated is disinfected between people.

The basin and neck sponge is disinfected between each use.

 We will ask you to use hand sanitiser upon entry (We have this for your use at the desk)

We will not be doing any haircuts without first shampooing the hair, while wearing gloves.

Our scissors and equipment will be cleaned and disinfected between each person.

Due to travel bans most people would not have recently travelled however we ask that you do not make an appointment if you have returned from overseas in the last 2 weeks.

Magazines for reading are not available at this time.

We have single use coffee cups (so hard for me with all our sustainability practises however we are separating the lids into our plastics and the bottom into cardboard's for collection so all can be recycled.)


I do ask that you bring a bottle of water from home, this reduces single plastic waste but also helps by not having our team handle cups at this time.

We will not be offering any beauty services such as brows while beauty salons are unable to open.

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