All You Need to Know About Foils and If They Will Damage Your Hair

All You Need to Know About Foils and If They Will Damage Your Hair

If you’ve ever considered putting foils in your hair, you may have wondered if they will cause any damage. After all, everyone has heard about a hair disaster or two, it can be a little intimidating! Fortunately, with the right care and understanding of what’s involved, foiling your hair can be a great way to enhance your look without sacrificing the health of your hair. Read on to learn more about foils and how best to protect your hair!

The Pros of Foiling Your Hair
Foiling is a great way to add highlights to your hair, your hairstylist can be precise with the placement, and add multiple colours at one time. Your hairdresser also has a lot of control of what strength of colour or lightener is applied to where especially compared to other techniques and this control can mean that foils can cause a less damage then some other methods of lightening. Generally though it is the experience of the hairdresser doing the service to be able to create the look you need without damage to the hair.  It also relies on you using the right products reccomended for your new highlighted hair to replace some of the moisture loss from lightening. Structure complex added into your service can be amazing for hair health.

At Gorgeous Hair our team are expertly trained in foiling techniques and the products we use are all made here in Australia. Nak is a great Australian company that makes haircare products with Australia's climate in mind. Which is perfect when we live so close to the beach. They are gentle on your hair with lots of hydration.

The Cons of Foiling Your Hair
Foiling is a partial colouring method this means that you still have some hair left out between the foils, unless you combine it with another service like a regrowth tint or a full colour. This is useful to know, as if you don't like your colour at the moment or you have grey's you want covered, on their own foils will only blend not completely cover.

All our hairstylist care about the integrity of your hair, and will not lighten your hair if they believe it will cause damage. However 2 main sources of damage we have seen when correcting new clients hair are:

That the foils are done too frequently and the product is overlapped from the previous services too many times. Similarly if it too long between visits and there is a large regrowth banding in the hair can occur. The optimum time for redoing a foiling services is 6 weeks.

The second reason is that the person is using the incorrect home hair care routine to rebuild, strengthen and moisturise their hair.

Foiling can be an effective way for adding highlights without compromising the health of your hair—as long as it’s done correctly! When considering whether or not this type of treatment is right for you, talk openly with your hair stylist about the  commitment you are willing to make to look after your hair, both in visits to the salon and in home hair care between visits. With just a bit more knowledge on how to take care of your hair, and by seeing our amazing team you'll have beautiful highlights that won't damage your gorgeous hair.

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