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Gift Packs


Gift Packs Arrived in Store Today!!!!



If you have wanted to try professional products on your hair but have been concerned about your budget now is your chance! These amazing hair care products are bundled together in cute little bags for you to try at an incredible price. 


The Instant Series Packs in the gorgeous bags have three products and are $39.95. The Prescriptive series has four products and comes in a lovely elegant box and is $59.95


The Rejuven8 pack includes the shampoo, conditioner and Afterglow spray. This shampoo and conditioner is a definite favourite in our salon. It has a yummy berry scent and instantly makes your hair feel smooth, it conditions coloured hair without weighing it down, and contains natural bilberry, aloe vera and rice amino acids to strengthen and protect. Afterglow is an anti-humidity shine spray that can be used on all hair types. It is a lightweight, quick spreading, light reflecting fluid that leaves a non-greasy finish to relax tresses and tame fly away hair. This little spray is the one that will have your friends wondering why your hair looks amazing even on those humid days that have everyone's hair popping out with frizz.


The Allevi8 pack also contains a shampoo conditioner and style product. This shampoo and conditioner is designed to tame frizz in natural hair and it has a blend of 8 organic ingredients to help it do just that. In this great little pack you also receive Satur8 one of the highest selling products for De Lorenzo of 2013 and once you use it you will know why. This is a leave in moisturiser in a foam. This helps to spread the moisture evenly through the hair and is fantastic for hydrating hair whilst maintaining fullness. If your ends feel dry but every time you moisturise them you feel you have an unwanted sleek look give this a go. If you love a blow-dry full of body mix this with Sea Swell and voila step one to a beautiful bouncy blow-dry. It is also amazing teamed with Barrel wave for taming curly hair.


Accentu8 products contain sea kelp a magic wonder at giving fine dull hair, body and life. This shampoo and conditioner comes with Sandstorm, a personal favourite of mine and a product I never travel without. This dry texture spray gives hold, texture and volume to any hair without any of the stickiness of hairspray. I love that it is so quick and easy to use. I think if you have a great haircut you should be able to (if needed) get out of the house with great hair with 15mins of styling and this product definitely makes this possible.


De Lorenzo's prescriptive series is my personal favourite shampoo and conditioner (although I have to say the new thermal range is a pretty close tie). These shampoos and conditioners are 100% free of parabens, sulphate and petrochemicals and contain fair trade native wattle seed and lemon aspen that are sustainably grown and wild harvested by outback indigenous farming communities. As with all De Lorenzo products they are also 100% vegan. I love these shampoos and conditioners and most of the time the prescriptive series is what we use at the basin in our salon. This pack also contains oil balance another absolute favourite of mine because just like sandstorm it's a huge time saver. It is the quickest easiest treatment. It is a pre shampoo treatment so you spray into your hair before you get into the shower. It mimics the hair's natural oils and removes any build up on the hair shaft and the best bit is because it goes on before you get in the shower you can leave it on without having to get in and out again. In this great value quad pack you also receive absorb De Lorenzo's dry shampoo perfect for getting that extra day out of your blow-dry.


Honestly spending a little more on quality hair products can save you huge amounts of time and frustration getting ready in the morning and who wouldn't like to buy a little time....




        Salon Director



FYI: All instant series shampoo and conditioners sell for $24.50

Satur8 is $19.95, Afterglow is $21.95 and Sandstorm is $23.50

Therefore you SAVE between $29 and $32.55 per pack plus a cute little bag.


The Prescriptive shampoo and conditioners are normally $29.50 each, the oil balance is $29.95 and Absorb is $19.90 therefore you SAVE $48.90

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