WOW Liana, Awards for Egyptian hair :)

We are so Proud of Liana!!!

Our second year apprentice Liana Edwards has won the teachers choice award at Gosford TAFE for her final assessment.

Ana Liana's model for her TAFE final assesment

The above picture displays Liana's model, for her planned special events & Long Hair Assessment. Liana had to decide upon a theme, then research it and create a long hair up-style within the theme. Liana researched and found her models outfit, styled her make- up and of course did an amazing up-style for her Egyptian theme.

Liana edwards award winning apprentice

Liana received a gorgeous medal and a very generous prize pack including a scissor set from CPR. We are so proud of the hairdresser she is becoming and were so excited to see her recognised for her efforts.



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