Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Microbead Hair Extensions

The best way to learn more about our microbead hair extensions is to book a free consult to see the hair and have a personalised quote for what you need to achieve your hair goals. But read on to learn a little more about some of the most commonly asked questions.


How long till the need to be moved up?

This varies greatly on lifestyle and the individual person. I generally recommend every 6 weeks but I have clients with finer hair textures and a very active lifestyle that have them moved up monthly and I have clients with thicker hair that are really good with taking care of their hair that have them moved up every 12 weeks, however they do have it professionally blow dried by us in between.

How much do they cost? Pricing is $260 per packet of 50 hair extensions added to a style cut and blow dry price of $95. On average most people have 100 -125 hair extensions applied giving an average price of $615- $745. For this high quality hair this is extremely good value. 

We have a range of colours in store and this means we can work to get the perfect blend for you. If we do need to tone the hair extensions for that perfect blend this is $50 per packet.

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